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Nutritional Product Ordering

Dr. Spore recommends high quality nutritional supplements for her patients. We offer a complete list of nutritional blends from Nutri-Dyn, which was founded in 1973 and carries a wide range of professional nutraceuticals including Metagenics, Progressive Labs, DNA Labs and others. Nutri-Dyn carries a full line of supplements, including:

  • Multiple vitamins and minerals in tablets and powders
  • Convenience packs of vitamins and other supplements in combinations for General Health, Men, Women, Healthy Balance, Pregnancy and Joint Focus.
  •  Medical food drink mixes (UltraMeal, UltraInflamX, UltraClear Plus)
  •  Dynamic Greens probiotic drinks, regular and gluten-free
  •  Protein powders
  •  Calcium and other minerals                        
  •  Probiotics  
  •  Meal replacement and protein powers and bars
  •  Omega 3 fish oils
  • Homeopathics

You can receive a 20% discount by ordering your supplements directly from Nutri-Dyn using our account number, and they will ship directly to your address. It’s very easy to set up an account with them. Here’s what you do:

Steps to set up your Nutri-Dyn account:


1. Go to the website

2. Set up a personal account with your own personal information

3. The account number to enter is:  100731

Or you may order from the Doctors Supplement Store 

1. Go to the website
2. Set up a personal account with your own personal information
3. The registration code to enter is:  SS313




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